Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Have Eaten Too Much Chicken Soup To Write, So Here Is An Infographic
~ by Jay

I didn't make it.

Reproductive Health Education


Anna said...

Counterpoint: it's not that conservatives believe that abstinence-only sex ed works to educate teens and prevent pregnancy. It's that they actively want girls to be marked and punished for their "sins" - and what better way to accomplish that then to discourage them from learning anything about their bodies and how they function.

However well-meaning graphics like these are, they are ultimately useless in persuading those who oppose comprehensive sex-ed (which by the way isn't all that comprehensive, and won't be until it covers pleasure as well as just the birds and the bees).

The opposition isn't logical or rational. It's fundamentalist and oppression-based, and no power point about STDs will get through that wall of fear and ignorance.

Jay said...

Anna, I completely agree with you about pleasure, and I think you're right about some number of the people who support abstinence-only sex ed. OTOH, I have met a fair number of people who think abstinence-only sex ed makes sense because they really do think that teaching about birth control makes it more likely that kids will have sex, and some number of them will be persuaded otherwise by evidence.

There's a larger, more pernicious issue, which is the ignorance and - worse - active anti-science viewpoint among many Republican legislators. No amount of evidence will convince them because they don't understand or believe in the idea of evidence in the first place.